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46 Days and Counting til I leave for the ACHA Heart Convention.

Yesterday, I met someone that said that she has a co-worker that has many family members that have congenital heart defects and needed someone to talk to about it because he is in heart failure stage 3 and needs help finding a Cardiologist that will take into consideration his families genetic heart history as well as his medical history.

I immediately gave him my blog, website and email address as well as phone number and certainly hope that he logs on and allows me to help or at least hear what he has to say.  She did not give me his name, however, I hope that he contacts me or at the very least takes a look at this blog.

There are many, many of us facing these situations and I certainly hope that they find the help they need even if it is not from me.

Shout out to all the Adult Congenital Heart Patients!!!  Let's band together and help each other out!!!

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